Atlas 1804

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Item Location: ul. Porucznika Krzycha 5
Seller Minisite: T.K.J. Matuszewski Spólka Jawna
+48 56 46 54 888
Fax: +48 56 46 54 892
Model:Atlas 1804
Year of Manufacturer: 2015

Stan - NIEUZYWANY Srednica zewnetrzna - 1305 mm Srednica wewnetrzna od zeba do zeba - 1007 mm Szerokosc pierscienia zewn. - 40 mm Szerokosc pierscienia wewn. - 72 mm Ilosc zebów - 106 Ilosc otworów wewn. - 48 Srednica pierscienia wewn. - 1222 mm

Please find a few pieces of information regarding our seller’s Atlas 1804 Truck Hydraulic System, for sale from T.K.J. Matuszewski Spólka Jawna. To discover additional details, or to procure this 2015 Atlas 1804 Truck Hydraulic System, make use of the easy form to contact T.K.J. Matuszewski Spólka Jawna personally. Otherwise you have the option to evaluate a variety of used Atlas Truck Hydraulic Systems at TruckTradex, or peruse the unabridged database of used Truck Hydraulic Systems from Atlas and multiple alternate brands, listed for purchase by T.K.J. Matuszewski Spólka Jawna and listed by TruckTradex.

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