Benalu TX34VV

Asking Price:
Item Location: Peterburi tee 88
Seller Minisite: Keil MA OÜ
Fax: 3726212310
Model:Benalu TX34VV
Year of Manufacturer: 2002
Options ABS
Suspension Air-air

EU-vehicle, Loading area (L W H): 13,300 mm x 2,480 mm x 2,760 mm, Loading area volume: 91 m³, Air suspension, Rear underrun, Self-levelling suspension, Electronic Brake System EBS, Barn doors, Lifting roof, Cargo Floor põrand. haagised on töötavad ja sõitvad, kehtiv ülevaatus kuni 02/2017

Here are a few particulars concerning our seller’s Benalu TX34VV Closed Box Trailer, for sale by Keil MA OÜ. To ascertain further details, or to buy this 2002 Benalu TX34VV Closed Box Trailer, use the above form to contact Keil MA OÜ directly. Otherwise you could evaluate multiple second hand Benalu Closed Box Trailers with TruckTradex, or read through the entire collection of second hand Closed Box Trailers from Benalu as well as a variety of alternate brands, for sale by Keil MA OÜ and listed with TruckTradex.

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