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dafThis is the specialised used Daf curtain siders info page at TruckTradex, the largest online resource relating to second hand Daf curtain siders in Britain. On TruckTradex we...
... advertise hundreds of second hand Daf curtain siders for eminent dealers located across Ireland and the UK, including N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Our listings are organised on this page, and you can persue through every one of the second hand Daf curtain siders for sale, and every one of the products can be clicked on to access further details, such as instructions on how to buy. You may have an especial model of Daf curtain sider in mind, it could be a recommendation, or an item which you have used before, in which case you could utilise Trucktradex’s filter to refine your search to show only that specific Daf curtain sider. On the other hand, you may use our team, by virtue of the Get Quote facility, and the team will match you with the right merchant, and the right Daf curtain sider.
We have a full supply of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Daf Curtain Sider for Sale.




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DAF FA55.160

DAF FA55.160
Item Location:popovstraat 1 , Zwolle NETHERLANDS
Details:Category: Curtain Sider ...


£10,472 (€11,900)
Item Location:Industrieweg 2 , Vuren NETHERLANDS
Details:Category: Curtain Sider WEIGHT: 9,530.00 kg POWER: 231.00 kW WHEELBASE: 6,100.00 mm Front axle: Suspension: leaf suspension
Rear axle: Differential lock; ...

DAF LF 45 (12T) + EURO 5

£11,352 (€12,900)
DAF LF 45 (12T) + EURO 5
Item Location:Braem NV Handzaamse Nieuwstraat 7 , Handzame BELGIUM
Details:Category: Curtain Sider WEIGHT: 6,230.00 kg POWER: 135.00 kW WHEELBASE: 5,400.00 mm Bodywork: Tarpaulin
Front axle: Tyre size: 245/70R17,5; Suspension: le...

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