Asking Price:£ 5,236 (€5,950)
Item Location: NETHERLANDS
Model:Daf FA CF75
Year of Manufacturer: 2006
Gears 12
Stock No. BSPJ42
WEIGHT 7,590.00 kg
POWER 188.00 kW
WHEELBASE 5,400.00 mm

Bodywork: BDF System
Front axle: Max. axle load: 7100 kg; Tyre profile left outer: 55%; Tyre profile right outer: 55%; Brakes: disc brakes; Suspension: air suspension
Rear axle: Max. axle load: 11500 kg; Tyre profile left inner: 70%; Tyre profile left outer: 70%; Tyre profile right outer: 70%; Tyre profile right outer: 70%; Brakes: disc brakes; Suspension: air suspension
Number of cylinders: 6
Engine type: daf 920
Make of bodywork: Remmers BDF wisselsysteem
APK (MOT) upon delivery: tested until 12/2018
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
Truck with BDF exchange system
Manufacturer: Daf
Type: CF75
Engine: Daf 920 with 250 hp 188 kw euro5
Transmission: ZF12AS Astronic
Construction: BDF with Twistlock Remmers / Compaan 2006
Drive, shift and brake well.
No known malfunctions.

substructure tailgate Dhollandia,
automatic grease machine,
cruise control,
car kit,
Shipments and Delivery in the ports possible.
Ask for the possibilities.

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