DAF LF 45.220 11.9T E4 CARRIER

Asking Price:£ 8,712 (€9,900)
Item Location: Industrieweg 2
Model:Daf LF 45.220 11.9T E4 CARRIER
Year of Manufacturer: 2007
Gears 6
Stock No. 246312
WEIGHT 7,565.00 kg
POWER 163.00 kW
WHEELBASE 5,000.00 mm

Front axle: Suspension: leaf suspension

  • Rear axle: Suspension: air suspension
  • Cooling engine: diesel and electric (1931 operating hours diesel)
  • Laadbak lengte: 735 cm, Laadbak breedte: 251 cm, Laadbak hoogte: 255 cm, Laadvloer hoogte: 101 cm, Doorrijhoogte: 255 cm
  • Koelmotor: Carrier SUPRA 850
  • Materiaal laadklep: aluminium
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