Asking Price:£ 6,160 (€7,000)
Item Location: NETHERLANDS
Model:Daf TE47XS
Year of Manufacturer: 2002
Gears 16
Stock No. BNJF09
Base Colour White
WEIGHT 7,510.00 kg
POWER 280.00 kW
WHEELBASE 3,600.00 mm

Bodywork: Standard tractor
Front axle: Max. axle load: 7100 kg; Tyre profile left outer: 40%; Tyre profile right outer: 40%; Brakes: drum brakes; Suspension: leaf suspension
Rear axle: Max. axle load: 11500 kg; Tyre profile left inner: 30%; Tyre profile left outer: 30%; Tyre profile right outer: 30%; Tyre profile right outer: 30%; Brakes: drum brakes; Suspension: air suspension
Number of cylinders: 6
Make of engine: daf
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
Daf 95XF
Motor: 380 pk
video: https://youtu.be/U_N1Olroul4

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