Dancover Storage Shelter 5.4x6x2.9 m PVC Garage

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Item Location: DENMARK
Model:Dancover Storage Shelter 5.4x6x2.9 m PVC Garage
Year of Manufacturer: 2016

PORTABLE DOUBLE GARAGE 5.4X6X2.9 M PVC Portable garages or storage tents for every kind of storage, when you want a flexible, secure and economical solution. The galvanised steel-frame and waterproof canvas secures a great durability and secure storage! Width: 5,40 m. Length: 6,00 m. Side height: 2,05 m. Ridge height: 2,90 m. Door Size (W x H): 5,0/3,35x2,10 m. Roof cover: Strong PVC 500 g/m² Sidewalls: Strong PVC 500 g/m² Frame: Galvanised steel tubes Tubes / fittings: 43x70 mmx1.5mm + Ø25x1.1 mm + Ø25x0.8 mm Colour:Grey Fire safety:BS 5438:1989 2B Certificate UV-resistant:UV-resistant Weight:208 kg. Economical and flexible solution Secure storage for your car and other stuff Hardwearing, waterproof canvas Plenty of headroom 2 doors secures easy access UV-resistant canvas

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