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The workhorse of a number of industries, the truck is an often overlooked, but very reliable piece of equipment employed in the construction sector. Many businesses utilise trucks to perform a wide variety of tasks, including the delivery of materials, or even delivering products to customers. Around 75% if all trucks are customised in some way. This has a knock on effect on average quality, and industry participants acknowledge that the industry has some way to go to reach the quality levels achieved by car manufacturers.

Because of this, it cannot be emphasised enough that quality issues are likely to be more prevalent in used trucks, especially those with a poor service history, or when used in extreme environments (e.g. when used off road).

When purchasing a used truck, ensure you understand fully the environment that the truck was used in, the number miles, and obtain a certified service history.

Asset Trader has constructed a brief buyer’s guide for those considering buying a used truck, to assist you in making your truck purchase.

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