Lindner & Fischer TSA 60 SD

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Item Location: NETHERLANDS
Model:Lindner & Fischer TSA 60 SD
Year of Manufacturer: 2014
Seller Stock ID div2219
Body Type Petrol products

Cargo space capacity: 60.000 l Number of compartments: 6 Make of bodywork: Lindner & Fischer Lindner & Fischer TSA 60 SD 3-axle 60.000 ltr. fuel tank trailer - NEW 6 compartments Tank volume, approx. 60.000 ltr. incl. 3% expansion Fifth wheel load: approx. 22.000 kg Axle load: approx. 42.000 kg Tyre load: approx. 40.500 kg Total gross weight: approx. 62.500 kg Dead weight: approx. 12.000 kg Payload: techn. approx. 50.500 kg Steel spring suspension Tyres: 315/80 R 22.5 800 NEW Trucks, Trailers and cars on

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