Mercedes-Benz VARIO 815D DOKA

Asking Price:£ 5,602 (€6,750)
Item Location: Braem NV Handzaamse Nieuwstraat 7
Seller Minisite: Braem Trucks
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Fax: +32(0)51/57 58 83
Model: VARIO 815D DOKA
Year of Manufacturer: 2001
Gears 5
Stock No. E45556
WEIGHT 4,790.00 kg
POWER 112.00 kW
WHEELBASE 4,800.00 mm

Bodywork: Tarpaulin

  • Front axle: Tyre size: 265/75R 17.5; Suspension: leaf suspension
  • Rear axle: Tyre size: 265/75R 17.5; Double wheels; Suspension: leaf suspension
  • Drive: Wheel
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Engine type: Mercedes-Benz OM904 LA
  • Extra's:
  • Motorbouw: 4. Bache aan twee zijden. Materiaal laadklep: aluminium. Banden links 1: 0%-25%. Banden links 2: 0%-25%. Banden rechts 1: 0%-25%. Banden rechts 2: 0%-25%.

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