Nigerian Government May Modify Used Truck Import Rules 23/02/2008

It has been reported that the Nigerian government has faced pressure to lower the age limit on used trucks and cars from eight years to 12 years with regards to the age of vehicles allowed to be imported into Nigeria. The new policy on used trucks and cars suggests a higher age limit as well as enforced annual maintenance checks. Such checks on used trucks and vehicles are mandatory in other countries, such as the United States.

The policy on used trucks and cars has been suggested so as the Nigerian Government might assess the economic viability of increasing the age and therefore quantity of used trucks and cars allowed into the country.

As a result of the prospective policy on used truck and cars, it has been expected that negative impact of the policy applying to used trucks and cars which is currently in place may be minimised.

The prospective policy on used trucks and cars entering Nigeria was suggested by the organisation known as the Nigeria Policy Institute. It has been reported that members of the Nigeria Policy Institute will discuss the policy on used trucks and cars with members of National Assembly and State Governors, Ministries, State Houses, as well as specific ethnic groups within Nigeria. They will, alongside the discussion of the policy regarding used trucks and cars, refer to new ideas and suggestions which look set to develop certain economic and social interests of the country.

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