Student Wins National Geographic Award For Used Truck 01/03/2008

It has been reported that the winner of an award from the National Geographic Society will potentially go towards funding the purchase of a used truck to further her research in travel. The winner of the award which may go towards the used truck purchase is a student from Iowa State University. The student who looks set to potentially purchase a used truck for her studies is reportedly featured in an article within the National Geographic magazine on ‘emerging Explorers’. This title is accredited to her work as a primate behaviourist in Africa.

Used truck sales are on the increase for a number of reasons including the economic growth of many countries. It has been reported that China alone has enjoyed an increase of around 16% annually with regards it their economy and this will in effect have a good influence on the trade of used trucks. This is because of increased construction, shipping and manufacturing within such developing countries. However, this is not to saw that the relationship of burgeoning economies and used truck sales is entirely positive. Because of rising oil prices, which arguably can be partially held to the rise in economies of these countries, some shipment companies who purchase used trucks from truck traders may in fact find it problematic to ship their goods at current frequencies because of the growing expense.

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