Iveco Truck To Compete With Land Rover? 28/03/2008

The manufacturer of Iveco trucks, Iveco, has released a vehicle which may act as a competitor to the Land Rover Defender. The Iveco Truck is a rugged 4 x 4 and is known as the Massif.

The Massif Iveco Truck utilises technological developments from its predecessor, the Santana Iveco truck. The Santana Iveco truck was subject to great popularity amongst its UK audience. The Massif Iveco truck is not set for release until early next year. The Massif Iveco truck boasts a number of features, including a 3 litre engine, as well as a six speed transmission.

Four wheel drive in the Iveco truck can be used on the move and the manufacturers of the Iveco truck also claim that there is approximately a ten per cent fuel saving potential in that it is possible to drive the Iveco truck in two wheel drive.

The Massif Iveco truck also features lockable front hubs. The lockable front hubs of the Iveco truck benefit the user as they allow a greater reduction in drag on the drive train.

For the utmost in practicality and functionality, this specific Iveco truck offers a variety of storage spaces, at least in the non pick-up model of the Iveco truck. There are reportedly a variety of models in the Iveco truck range, with models including a three door Iveco truck, a five door Iveco truck and a pick up Iveco truck.

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