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North West Logistics Reportedly Purchase Mercedes Trucks 28/03/2008
It has been reported that the asset finance firm of the Royal Bank of Scotland have lent the company North West Logistics 600,000. The money is allegedly defined as being a loan which may be used to purchase eight Mercedes Benz trucks. The Mercedes Benz trucks in question, which it should be noted are not Mercedes Benz dump trucks, each cost approximately 75,000, and weigh in at around 26 tonnes.

The purchase of the Mercedes Benz trucks is ostensibly so as to meet increased demand wh...

Iveco Truck To Compete With Land Rover? 28/03/2008
The manufacturer of Iveco trucks, Iveco, has released a vehicle which may act as a competitor to the Land Rover Defender. The Iveco Truck is a rugged 4 x 4 and is known as the Massif.

The Massif Iveco Truck utilises technological developments from its predecessor, the Santana Iveco truck. The Santana Iveco truck was subject to great popularity amongst its UK audience. The Massif Iveco truck is not set for release until early next year. The Massif Iveco truck boasts a number of featur...

Renault Trucks 2007 Network Awards Ceremony 28/03/2008
It is apparent that the Allports Truck Centre won copious amounts of awards at the Renault Trucks 2007 network awards ceremony. The Renault Trucks 2007 network awards ceremony took place at the beginning of February and occurred at Alton Towers.

The Renault Trucks 2007 network awards saw the Allports Truck Centre become winners of a number of awards, including the Used Truck Distributor of the Year Award, as well as Used Truck Distributor Sales Team Category.

Renault truc...

Double Display For Iveco Trucks At Commercial Vehicle Show 24/03/2008
Fans of Iveco trucks will be in for a treat if intending to visit the Commercial Vehicle Show this year, as it has been reported that Iveco trucks are set to exhibit products over two separate displays.

This looks set to be the largest ever display of Iveco trucks at the Commercial Vehicle Show in 2008, and will feature Iveco trucks from a broad range of models.

There will be a dedicated light commercial vehicle display of Iveco trucks which will include the exhibition of ...

New Actros Mercedes Benz Truck Set For Release 20/03/2008
The newest generation of Mercedes Benz truck, the Actros is set to go into production in July. Numerous improvements have been made on this model of the Mercedes Benz truck which is based upon a previous model of Mercedes Benz truck.

It has been reported that the latest version of the Actros Mercedes Benz truck will implement a two pedal Power Shift 12-speed transmission. The transmission in the Mercedes Benz truck model will be fitted as standard.

This particular model o...

Mercedes Benz Trucks Stay Positive 11/03/2008
Although it has been suggested that the heavy truck market in the United States, it looks promising that Mercedes Benz trucks will prospectively enjoy optimistic sales.

It has allegedly been claimed by the head of Daimler trucks worldwide that Mercedes Benz trucks are heading for immense popularity. Sales in 2007 of Mercedes Benz trucks were reportedly (in return) over seven per cent. In contrast to these figures relating to Mercedes Benz trucks, the heavy truck market of the United ...

Reliability Of Trucks Encourages Prosperity For Truck Traders 09/03/2008
The ties of trucking to the manufacturing and construction industry within the US can be seen as potentially boosting sales for the truck trader business domain. This is not to say that this relationship is exclusive to US truck traders, and may well be the case with regards to UK truck traders, as well as around the globe.

However, this is not to say that the US economy is in the clear with regards to truck traders. It has been suggested that rising oil prices affecting the US econo...

Used Truck U.s. Export Boom 09/03/2008
There has been a boom in the used truck export industry in the USA. It is apparent that this growth in the used truck market is attributed to strong economic growth across the world, namely from countries such as China. It has been reported that the rise in used truck import and export relating to the country of China is predominantly linked to the reported expansion of the Chinese economy at around 16% per year.

Increasing demand for used trucks has had a knock on effect for truck t...

Famous Clients For Truck Traders 08/03/2008
It has been reported that Rick Ricart, a famously wealthy business heir has chosen to purchase a Ford F-150 truck from a truck trader. As an heir to a successful automobile business in the USA, it could be suggested that Ricart had a wide array of trucks from truck traders to choose from.

Rick Ricart himself is responsible as a used truck trader for his business as he owns a used car outlet. The truck driven by the truck trader offers a high level of reliability, and the truck model ...

Allison Transmission Chosen For Renault Trucks 07/03/2008
It has been reported that the 4000 Series automatic transmission from Allison will be fitted in the Kerax range of Renault trucks. Renault trucks are utilised on a global scales, and Renault trucks represent an industry leader in the manufacture of trucks.

This will further encourage the reliable and trustworthy reputation which Renault trucks ostensibly already possess. Because the Allison transmission offers electric controls of an advanced level, the Renault trucks can potentially...

Four Firms Blacklisted Over Used Truck Parts 05/03/2008
Four businesses in the Philippines have been blacklisted over their reported participation in part of an attempted smuggling of the parts of used trucks which turned out to be SUV utility vehicles.

The alleged attempted struggle of utility vehicles as used truck parts occurred at the Port of Cebu in the Philippines. It has been reported that as the owners of the shipment did not succeed in importing entries, that the shipment was consequently considered abandoned. However, the Commi...

Student Wins National Geographic Award For Used Truck 01/03/2008
It has been reported that the winner of an award from the National Geographic Society will potentially go towards funding the purchase of a used truck to further her research in travel. The winner of the award which may go towards the used truck purchase is a student from Iowa State University. The student who looks set to potentially purchase a used truck for her studies is reportedly featured in an article within the National Geographic magazine on ‘emerging Explorers’. This title is accredit...

Israel Reveals Most Reliable Used Trucks And Cars 26/02/2008
Autoserve has found that within Israel, used trucks and cars manufactured by Japanese companies are the most reliable, in terms of being second-hand and manufactured no later than 2005.

Although previously no survey of the reliability of used trucks and cars had been conducted in Israel, Autoserve compiled the survey on used trucks and cars, and this may be due to the fact that they are insurers of used trucks and cars.

The Autoserve survey found that the three most reliab...

Used Trucks Find Homes In Mexico 25/02/2008
It has been reported that U.S. trade policy is giving used trucks and cars renewed usage in Mexico. In Ciudad Juarez, many small businesses selling used trucks and cars have sourced their vehicles from parts of the United States.

It would appear that the livelihood of many individuals and families depends upon the sale of used trucks and cars which have been previously owned by residents of the United States. This may be due to the notion that American citizens have began to seek new...

Nigerian Government May Modify Used Truck Import Rules 23/02/2008
It has been reported that the Nigerian government has faced pressure to lower the age limit on used trucks and cars from eight years to 12 years with regards to the age of vehicles allowed to be imported into Nigeria. The new policy on used trucks and cars suggests a higher age limit as well as enforced annual maintenance checks. Such checks on used trucks and vehicles are mandatory in other countries, such as the United States.

The policy on used trucks and cars has been suggested s...

Five Accused Of Tampering With Used Trucks 22/02/2008
Five people in Canada have been accused of selling used trucks and cars after tampering with the odometers of the used trucks and cars. It has been alleged that three businesses whose livelihood involves the sales of used trucks and cars.

It has been reported that on average, the used trucks and cars had odometers which had been turned back around 100,000 kilometres, meaning that customers had unwittingly purchased used trucks and cars which were older and had been used more than ini...

Zambia Sees Imports Of Used Trucks And Cars 12/02/2008
It has been reported that over 100,000 used trucks and cars have been imported into Zambia. The figure, referring to used trucks imported into the country from 2001 to 2007 was presented to the Zambian parliament.

It was argued that the Government could not prevent Zambian citizens buying or selling used trucks and cars, despite alleged growing concerns that the government was not successfully regulating the imports of used trucks ands cars. It has been suggested that in fact, members...

Used Truck Traders Optimistic For 2008 22/01/2008
2008 is set to be a booming year in the used truck trader business. Despite economic indications that 2008 will fail to live up to the economic successes of used truck traders in 2007, firm prices of used trucks offer used truck traders the opportunity to make the New Year a prosperous one for used truck sales.

Used trucks are remaining popular because of increased demand encouraged by the long lead times of new trucks direct from manufacturers. Consumers may be put off by long deliver...

Used Truck Trader Sets Up Store In Desert 22/01/2008
A used truck trader has seen an opportunity to open a used truck store in the High Desert in the United States of America.

Because of a lack of used truck traders around the area, customers previously had to travel around for miles to find a used truck trader and truck spare parts. However, ‘97 Truck & Trailer’ was an innovation of Gary Bracelin, who saw an opening for a used truck trader in the desert, alleviating the duration of travel for local used truck customers, as well as the t...

Used Truck Trader Van Opened To Reveal Expensive Cars 12/01/2008
Illegal smuggling has become an issue at the Philippine port of Cebu International. A number of vans said to be containing used truck parts were opened to reveal numerous used trucks and cars from Korea. Instead of containing the parts of a used truck trader, the vans were full of the vehicles from a Korean shipment which had arrived the prior December, as well as containing used household items, and personal belongings.

This is not the first instance of used trucks being used as carri...

Leyland Used Truck Sales Set For Indian Expansion 02/01/2008
Vehicle manufacturer Leyland intends to expand its project as a used truck trader, Altrux, across more Indian locales. Currently, the used truck trader Altrux, of the company, Leyland, has proved successful within the Indian regions in which it is already launched. Altrux purchases used trucks from the market, reconditions the used trucks and then sells them as used trucks but with a six month company guarantee.

Despite the alleged notion that India is set to see a slump in used truck ...

Slowdown In Used Truck Sales For Indian Used Truck Traders 01/01/2008
Despite signs that UK used truck traders are in for a new year that is to be as equally as successful as 2007, there is arguably a slow down in used truck sales for Indian used truck traders. This is despite the emergence of international major truck manufacturers, such as Daimler and Nissan in India. As a result of oversupply of new and used trucks, used truck sales may slump in 2008. Rising interest rates, as well as the arguably slack enforcement of a ban of overloading of vehicles in some ar...

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