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The word ‘trucks’ can cover a wide variety of vehicles, with an equally wide variety of uses and specialisations. Trucks vary in size and power, but they tend to share the same general structure: a cab, a chassis, a cargo hold, an engine and a drive train. The cab is the part of a truck where the driver sits, and so contains the apparatus necessary to operate the vehicle; the steering wheel, the clutch and so on. There are two main types of cab, but almost all trucks in Europe and the UK use the Cab-Over-Engine (COE) configuration, whereby the driver is situated above the front axle and the engine.

Trucks for sale in the UK

Most trucks for sale in the UK which are of medium size and upwards utilise four-stroke diesel engines, supplemented by a turbocharger and an intercooler or charge air cooler, both of which escalate the vehicle’s power by increasing the density of the air entering the engine. Smaller trucks for sale in the UK will most often use an automatic transmission, or a manual transmission with a synchromesh; a device which utilises a cone clutch to bring the teeth into synchronisation. Larger trucks for sale in the UK tend to rely on manual transmissions, sometimes with synchronisers, and sometimes without.

Used Trucks for sale

Used trucks for sale today consist of a steel, or steel/aluminium, frame that is made up of two C-shaped rails held together by transverse beams. These frameworks are called ladder frames due to their resemblance to a ladder. The rails consist of a long vertical part, or two if boxed, and two shorter horizontal flanges. The height of the vertical portion balances against vertical flex when weight is applied to the top of the frame, an effect known as beam resistance.
Search for all types of trucks and used vans on TruckTradex. TruckTradex is the leading online truck trading platform and brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world.
TruckTradex features listings from private and business sellers, specialist dealers, truck traders and liquidators of Used Trucks which can be accessed via the online menu categories, or the online search tool.

Should you be unable to find the Used Truck or Used Van that meets your needs, please find the link to the right to get a quote, complete your details and you will be contacted by a reputable dealer in your area.
All Used Trucks (13196)
trucks (3814)
semi trailer (917)
All Used TrucksVolvo (1212)
Daf (1045)
Man (965)
Mercedes Benz (854)
Scania (778)
  trucksMore...  semi trailerMore...
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tipper truck (906)
trailer (897)
flatbed trailer (768)
tipper truckMore...  trailerMore...  flatbed trailerJohn Deere (31)
Goldhofer (29)
Broshuis (28)
Faymonville (26)
Nooteboom (22)
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closed box (680)
cab and chassis (520)
curtain side trailer (423)
closed boxMercedes Benz (90)
Iveco (71)
Volvo (52)
Renault (45)
Man (42)
  cab and chassisVolvo (98)
Scania (71)
Mercedes Benz (61)
Man (48)
Iveco (34)
  curtain side trailerKrone (83)
Schmitz (44)
Kelberg (43)
Kögel (29)
Pacton (20)
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tanker (391)
garbage truck (355)
tipping trailer (346)
tankerMore...  garbage truckDaf (154)
Mercedes Benz (39)
Scania (33)
Dennis (29)
Man (25)
  tipping trailerMore...
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crane truck (306)
closed box trailer (305)
refrigerated truck (281)
crane truckTerex (53)
Mercedes Benz (32)
Man (29)
Volvo (27)
Scania (25)
  closed box trailerPacton (46)
Daf (29)
Krone (27)
Man (23)
Volvo (15)
  refrigerated truckMore...
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container chassis trailer (275)
dropside truck (231)
curtain sider (225)
container chassis trailerPacton (19)
Kelberg (15)
Hyundai (11)
Fruehauf (11)
Mercedes Benz (11)
  dropside truckIveco (55)
Renault (30)
Mercedes Benz (18)
Man (15)
Chevrolet (13)
  curtain siderMan (38)
Daf (31)
Mercedes Benz (29)
Volvo (29)
Iveco (20)
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hook loading truck (189)
refrigerated trailer (146)
flatbed truck (126)
hook loading truckMan (38)
Volvo (33)
Scania (30)
Mercedes Benz (27)
Daf (27)
  refrigerated trailerMore...  flatbed truckMercedes Benz (19)
Daf (15)
Man (12)
Renault (9)
Iveco (8)
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vacuum truck (115)
roll off truck (101)
truck accessories (87)
vacuum truckMore...  roll off truckMore...  truck accessoriesMore...
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water truck (68)
fuel truck (51)
car transport truck (50)
water truckMore...  fuel truckMercedes Benz (8)
Daf (5)
Man (5)
Dennis (3)
Kroll (3)
  car transport truckIveco (11)
Mercedes Benz (8)
Volvo (8)
Scania (7)
Man (5)
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tow truck and rollback (37)
gritter (37)
skip loader (26)
tow truck and rollbackMore...  gritterNido (29)
Epoke (3)
Sta (1)
Colmar (1)
  skip loaderMore...
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sideloader (21)
sewer truck (20)
service truck (11)
More...  sewer truckMore...  service truckMore...
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grain truck (7)
mechanics truck (1)
grain truckFord (3)
Volvo (1)
Renault (1)
International (1)
  mechanics truckMore...  
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TruckTradex holds a variety of used trucks including Tipper Trucks, Closed Box, Flatbeds and Trailers. Search from a huge inventory listed from all major manufacturers such as DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volvo and MAN.

Currently thousands of Used Trucks are advertised for sale from locations in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.
Need a Truck in the UK? Our listings include sellers from every region, so it is easy to find Trucks for sale in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.

TruckTradex offers sellers a number of innovative features, including manually qualified leads, allowing sellers to focus their time on meaningful leads, rather than spam and irrelevant messages, making the trade of Used Trucks through TruckTradex easy and hassle free.

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Iveco introduces new Eurocargo Truck to comply with Euro6 emission regulations ( Tue, 31 Dec 2013 11:24:38 )
There are currently 172 Iveco items on The Italian truck manufacturer Iveco has released a new version of its powerful medium-range Eurocargo truck in order to comply with forthcomi ...

Hutchison’s flour invests in new DAF’s ( Fri, 03 Sep 2010 09:53:20 )
Scotland’s premier millers have invested in two DAF CF85 tractor trucks, in order to navigate the highlands. Hutchison’s Flour of Kirkcaldy, a division of the Carrs Milling Group, sourced ...

Reflexite ready to show new product ( Thu, 12 Aug 2010 14:35:58 )
A new tap has been released which allows logos to be incorporated into reflective HGV safety strips. Reflexite are a company which specialise in innovations and technologies which enhance the visibili ...

Archived News

Mercedes Benz trucks stay positive ( Tue, 11 Mar 2008 )
Although it has been suggested that the heavy truck market in the United States, it looks promising that Mercedes Benz trucks will prospectively enjoy optimistic sales. It has allegedly been claim ...

Allison transmission chosen for Renault trucks ( Fri, 7 Mar 2008 )
It has been reported that the 4000 Series automatic transmission from Allison will be fitted in the Kerax range of Renault trucks. Renault trucks are utilised on a global scales, and Renault trucks re ...

New Actros Mercedes Benz truck set for release ( Thu, 20 Mar 2008 )
The newest generation of Mercedes Benz truck, the Actros is set to go into production in July. Numerous improvements have been made on this model of the Mercedes Benz truck which is based upon a previ ...

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Pacton Closed Box Trailer
Daf Closed Box Trailer
Krone Closed Box Trailer
Man Closed Box Trailer
Volvo Closed Box Trailer
Pacton Container Chassis Trailer
Kelberg Container Chassis Trailer
Hyundai Container Chassis Trailer
Fruehauf Container Chassis Trailer
Mercedes Benz Container Chassis Trailer
Iveco Dropside Truck
Renault Dropside Truck
Mercedes Benz Dropside Truck
Man Dropside Truck
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Man Curtain Sider
Daf Curtain Sider
Mercedes Benz Curtain Sider
Volvo Curtain Sider
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Man Hook Loading Truck
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Scania Hook Loading Truck
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Mercedes Benz Flatbed Truck
Daf Flatbed Truck
Man Flatbed Truck
Renault Flatbed Truck
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Mercedes Benz Fuel Truck
Daf Fuel Truck
Man Fuel Truck
Dennis Fuel Truck
Kroll Fuel Truck
Iveco Car Transport Truck
Mercedes Benz Car Transport Truck
Volvo Car Transport Truck
Scania Car Transport Truck
Man Car Transport Truck
Nido Gritter
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