Volvo FH12

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Tonnage: 12 ton
Transport Height: 3365 mm
Transport Width: 2647 mm
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Volvo FH12

The FH12 series of Volvo trucks was first introduced in 1993. FH stands for Forward control High cab where numbers denominate engine capacity in litres. The FH range is one of the most successful truck series ever having sold more than 400,000 units worldwide. The FH12 won the "Truck of the Year" award in 1994. From the design angle the new D12A engine was the one of the largest engine project from Volvo Trucks since 1950s at the time. The basic design was still based on direct injection in-line six diesel engine around 12 litres displacement but with entirely different fuel and valve systems when compared with previous Volvo engines.

Volvo FH12 trucks for sale in the UK

The Volvo FH12 has showcased a number of innovations in truck design, including the VEB. The Volvo Engine Brake is a compression type engine brake first introduced on Volvo FH12 trucks for sale in the UK and since used on later designed OHC engines from 9 to 16 litre displacement. The brake operates on a principle where exhaust valve cam followers acts on secondary cam profile when engine brake is activated. Engine oil pressure is used to eliminate extra valve clearance thus this action forces the follower against secondary lobes and unseating exhaust valves temporarily to achieve so-called compression bleeding.

Used Volvo FH12

Used Volvo FH12 trucks are often sought after because of the quality of engineering and manufacture, which means that even a used Volvo FH12 truck can be trusted to operate effectively across many applications. In addition, the incredible worldwide network of Volvo dealerships mean that spares and maintenance, as well as trusted advice, can be found easily, regardless of where the operator is located.





£3,740 (€4,250)
Item Location:Noord Holland 1812 LV Alkmaar Boekelerdijk 15a NETHERLANDS


Item Location:Noord Holland 1812 LV Alkmaar Boekelerdijk 15a NETHERLANDS

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